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Inspired by our favourite bespoke commissions from the past year, this collection plays with some of our favourite details. Our signature curved plywood and translucent veneers have been updated, creating new elegant products ideal for modern homes.

Our founder Soroush Pourhashemi is inspired by daily life and its small challenges, from morning routines to life in compact urban interiors.   He says “I like to spend time thinking about how people live and how they interact with their daily spaces. The furniture that surrounds us shapes how we live our lives, from how we sit to work at a computer to what food we can cook and how we sleep. A lot of the products I create have been made to solve a problem someone I know has encountered in everyday life.” 

He brought his unique insight, gathered from years of experience working closely with local residential clients, to this collection.  Created with small interiors in mind, these new pieces are designed to maximise space and create clever storage solutions that can adapt as our clients move home.  Lozi’s unique manufacturing techniques - a combination of digital craft and traditional woodworking methods - as well as solid wood detailing and elegant veneers bring a luxurious feel to these plywood pieces. 

As with all Lozi pieces, the quality is in the detail. Each joint, curve, handle and surface is finished to the highest standard, creating beautiful unique pieces that will stand the test of time.

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U Desk
from 780.00
Wave Sideboard
from 900.00
Curved Shelves
from 204.00
Round Lamp
from 180.00
Wave Table
from 480.00
from 180.00