We know starting a renovation or a large scale project can be daunting and the more information you have the easier it is to make those big decisions.  Staying in control of your time and your budget is essential so we endeavour to give you as much information as possible upfront so you know exactly where you stand every step of the way. 

Here you can find a detailed breakdown of each step in our order and design process, from first contact through to delivery, so you know exactly what to expect should you choose Lozi to take design your project. 

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Step 1: Quote

After you get in touch with Lozi for the first time, we will ask for some basic information regarding your project to give you a quote with price variations depending on finishes/sizes.  We will also let you about our current lead times (usually 6 to 10 weeks from invoice depending on availability) and any other charges that may come up during the project (delivery costs etc)

The more information you can include from the get-go the better.  Please mention any of our previous projects that caught your eye or if there is a material or finish you are particularly interested in.  We will always need basic measurements (height, width, depth etc) and sometimes photographs of the space before we can give a quote. 

We unfortunately cannot offer a site visit or detailed design at the quote stage.  If you would like to discuss your project further before committing to Lozi, we would love to invite you to tour our Work/Shop, where you can see first hand the quality and finish of our pieces.  One of our Makers can discuss your project and show you material samples such as veneers, paint colours or special surfaces.  If you are undertaking a large scale project we very strongly recommend you visit us in person so we know as much as possible in advance of making a quote. 


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Step 2 : Invoice and Deposit

Once you have chosen to do your project with Lozi and are happy with your quote, we will draw up an invoice with all your project details.  The invoice will include a clear breakdown of costs and will confirm the size, design details and finished you have chosen.

Your invoice will include lead times, manufacturing dates and a delivery date, as well as a breakdown of payments with associated due dates so you can stay on top of your finances.  We will always ask for a deposit before we undertake a site visit. 



We do not currently offer financing however we do not ask for the full invoice amount upfront.  Our payments are broken down as follows:

Projects under £2000+VAT

  • Payment in full upon receiving the invoice.

Projects between £2000 and £5000+VAT

  • 80% Deposit upon receiving the invoice

  • 20% Upon delivery (before/after installation)

Projects over £5000+VAT

  • 40% Deposit upon receiving the invoice

  • 40% Upon manufacturing

  • 20% Upon delivery (before/after installation)


    Lead Times

Our lead times may vary depending on our availability but they are usually 6 to 10 weeks from the date of invoicing. 

We will start manufacturing 3 to 4 weeks before delivery/installation. 


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Step 3 : Site Visit

Once we have received your deposit, your assigned designer-maker will schedule a site visit at your convenience.  They will come to your site and discuss your project in great detail, from small features specifically designed to enhance to space through to material finishes.  Thanks to their expertise they can help advise and guide you to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the outcome.  During this visit they will confirm your choice of materials, where you want certain features, how the design will fit into the space and any other details regarding your project.

They will take detailed measurements of every aspect of the space and will confirm the final details with you before starting on a 3D design of your space.  


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Step 4: 3D Design

Once your assigned designer-maker has measured your space, they will digitally create your design.  You will be sent several digital images to help you visualise the outcome. These drawings will show all the details of your space and will be sent via email as a .jpg or .pdf file. 

Below you can see two examples of the type of file you can expect to receive as well as a before, 3D model and after images of Sarah's kitchen.  You can find more examples of 3D models as you explore the individual project pages in the Bespoke section of the website. 


Patrick’s media Unit.

Patrick’s media Unit.

Patrick's Media Unit as a line drawing.

Patrick's Media Unit as a line drawing.

Sarah's Kitchen before Lozi's renovations

Sarah's Kitchen before Lozi's renovations

Sarah's 3D model

Sarah's 3D model

Sarah's kitchen after Lozi's renovations.

Sarah's kitchen after Lozi's renovations.


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Step 5 : Amendments and confirmation

Once you have received your 3D drawings you can ask for changes and amendments to be made to your design.  If there are changes to your renovation that need to be taken into account or simply something that you don't like, your assigned Maker will adapt and change the 3D design to suit your taste and your needs.  We do not have restrictions on the number of times you can ask for changes, however we may need to charge should you want a complete redesign as all the design details will have been discussed and agreed upon during the site visit. 

Once the changes are made and you are satisfied with the design, we confirm you are happy to proceed and move on to manufacturing.  


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Step 6 : Manufacturing

Once your design is confirmed, we will start making it in our Work/Shop on Hackney Road.  This will be three to four weeks before the project is due to be installed, regardless of when the design has been confirmed.  

Once a project has entered the manufacturing stage, it is impossible to make further changes to it without charge, so it is essential you are satisfied with the design beforehand.  Please don't hesitate to discuss any doubts or issues you may have with your assigned maker before confirming the 3D design.  


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Step 7 : Delivery and Installation

Depending on the project, Lozi offers three delivery options:

  • Collection and installation by client or your own builder.

  • Delivery by Lozi, installation by client or your own builder.

  • Delivery and installation by Lozi

For more complicate pieces of furniture such as fitted kitchens or wardrobes we obviously recommend delivery and installation by one of our makers, as they know the piece inside out and are best placed to ensure it is installed correctly. 

Should you choose to organise your own delivery or installation, Lozi cannot take responsibility for any damage or issues that arise during or because of that delivery or installation. 


Please get in touch at info@lozidesigns.com if you have any further questions!