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Our client Cass, a writer and editor, wanted to update her bright and spacious two bedroom flat before moving in. Lozi transformed this flat into a modern and personal home.  Nestled on a leafy street in a conservation area near Dalston in East London, this project blends our signature minimal aesthetic with the home's original victorian features, working with some existing fixtures and furnishings to brighten and update the space. 

From alcove storage in her living room, extra shelving in the kitchen and fully furnishing her spacious two bedrooms, Lozi transformed this flat into a modern and personal home.

This Project - £26,000 +VAT

A large 2 bedroom flat.

  • Included:

    • Living room: pair of living room alcove storage with bespoke wooden step to reach the top shelf.

    • Kitchen: large bespoke wall mounted kitchen shelf and small alcove shelving, solid oak kitchen table and matching bench

    • Master bedroom: wall to wall fitted wardrobes, bed, pair of bedside tables, fab lamp and bespoke freestanding bookshelf

    • Guest bedroom: small wardrobe in same style, display shelving system and folding desk (not shown)

    • Other: Hallway sunset lamp x2, bathroom storage cabinet (not shown), various other shelving inside cupboards (not shown)

    • Design, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

  • Not Included: Kitchen cabinets, removal of previous furniture, electrics/plumbing/flooring/tiling, all home accessories, all other furniture.

Every project is different, and the price will vary depending on the size of your home, complexity of the design and your choice of materials and finishes.    

Read about Cass’s experience with Lozi on the Journal

"I was impressed with how Lozi's designs were practical but also worked seamlessly in the space so as to contribute to the feeling of airiness and light. I was also really impressed with how Soroush could look at a space and see instinctively what it needed; how he worked with me to interpret my needs and turn that into something beautiful and creative. 

Soroush came around and we walked around it together, with me explaining what it was that I needed, and what I thought should go where. In some instances he disagreed with me! And then he explained why why original idea might cause a problem in the space, and suggested a new idea. So really, it was bit like having my own interior designer as well as a creator; he has a unique ability to see energy in spaces, and how to design furniture to compliment that energy, rather than hinder it. So everything is designed to work with the space, not just to be a piece on its own for the sake of its own aesthetic. 

Great to work with and I love the pieces he's made for me, especially the bed. Would really recommend."

As seen in the Sunday Times!

As seen in the Sunday Times!

Cass’s clean and open plan kitchen and living room is bright and spacious, with lareg windows letting plenty of light in. Working around the existing features, like the antique fireplace and kitchen cabinets, Lozi created the extra storage the space needed whilst letting the original features, like the cornices, shine.

Bookshelves and cabinets are nestled in the alcoves, made from laminated birch plywood. An elegant and intriguing open plan shelf sits above the kitchen counter, providing storage space without restricting the flow of light. A solid oak table with matching bench finishes the room, creating a social and welcoming dining space to entertain in.

A large fitted wardrobe lined one wall of the master bedroom. Made from birch plywood and finished in seamless oak veneer and white laminate, they provide more than enough storage for her clothes and other household miscellany. The central full length mirror and small table surfaces create a dressing area. The room is finished with a Lozi bed-frame, pair of bedside tables and bespoke bookshelf as well as a bespoke step that allows Cass to reach the top shelves.

In the second bedroom, Lozi created a small fitted wardrobe, bespoke display case and clever folding desk, allowing the guest room to double as an office. Finally, the hallway is lit up with a pair of sunset lamps

3D Design File

Cass Coburn - 14.jpg
Cass Coburn - Wardrobe.jpg


How to order:

A summary of our order process can be seen in the graph below.  A detailled breakdown of each step can be found on the Design Process page of our website.  After you have agreed a quote, we will supply you with a 3D computer assited drawing of our design to help you visualise the final outcome.  You can see an example above. 

Currently each of our bespoke projects are entirely custom designs.  We therefore can only offer guide prices per project on our website.  Pricing for your bespoke project will depend on the size of your space, the complexity of the project and the finishes and materials used.  

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