We believe the future of manufacturing must be sustainable and that great design should never come at a cost to the environment.  

That is why we have developed our unique woodworking system, an inventive combination of digital manufacturing and traditional woodworking techniques. 

The digital manufacturing, using a CNC machine, allows us to carefully plan our production process, enhancing the precision and speed with which we can produce Lozi products.   We carefully design our layouts when digitally cutting our sheets of ply; by avoiding conventional methods of cutting and by maximising each sheet by fitting smaller shapes around waste material from larger shapes, we have an average of 2-12% wasted materials depending on the item.

By producing everything to order, we have not only lowered our energy consumption but minimised our waste by never buying excess raw materials.

We also continuously search for the latest environmentally non-toxic raw materials to use in our production.  We use only natural, sustainable products, from Latvian birch plywood and veneers, to organic non-toxic glue and milk based paint made by recycling excess from dairy farms.