Bed Plywood bed frame by Lozi


from 780.00
Sea Table Sea table set up as workspace by Lozi

Sea Table

from 450.00
Shelving System Shelving system by Lozi

Shelving System

from 180.00
Bedside Table Curved plywood bedside table and bedroom by Lozi

Bedside Table

Fab Lamp Dining room set up with Sea Table, Fab lamp and Erlen planter by Lozi

Fab Lamp

from 90.00
Fab Chandelier Kitchen set up with U shelf, Fab chandelier, Plant pot cover and Erlen planter by Lozi

Fab Chandelier

from 270.00
Fab Pendants Ceiling ring for Fab pendants by Lozi

Fab Pendants

from 270.00
Sunset Lamp Sunset Lamp by Lozi

Sunset Lamp

from 110.00
Bench Detail of curved joint on Lozi's plywood and oak bench.


from 170.00
Smile Shelf Smile Shelf in bedroom set up with curved corners bed frame, bedside table and Fab lamp By Lozi

Smile Shelf

from 90.00
Erlen Plant pot Curved plywood Erlen planters with plywood and solid oak bench by Lozi

Erlen Plant pot

from 30.00
U-Shelf U shelf by Lozi


from 60.00
Plant pot Covers Plant pot covers by Lozi, made from birch plywood

Plant pot Covers

from 24.00
Picture Frames Side view of plywood picture frames by Lozi

Picture Frames

from 75.00
Coffee Table Close up of plywood coffee table in walnut veneer by Lozi

Coffee Table

from 222.00
Modular Storage Gif of bespoke large scale modular storage system by Lozi

Modular Storage

from 120.00
Curved Bench Curved plywood bench and curved plywood stool by Lozi

Curved Bench

Curved Stool Curved plywood stool and bespoke desk by Lozi

Curved Stool

Chest of Drawers Curved plywood chest of drawers by Lozi

Chest of Drawers

from 420.00