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Bed Plywood bed frame by Lozi


from 780.00
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Shelving System Shelving system by Lozi with all of Lozi's plywood and veneer accessories

Shelving System

from 180.00
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Smile Shelf Smile Shelf in bedroom set up with curved corners bed frame, bedside table and Fab lamp By Lozi

Smile Shelf

from 90.00
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U-Shelf U shelf by Lozi


from 60.00
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Coffee Table Close up of plywood coffee table in white laminate by Lozi

Coffee Table

from 222.00
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Modular Storage Gif of bespoke large scale modular storage system by Lozi

Modular Storage

from 120.00
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Chest of Drawers Curved plywood chest of drawers by Lozi

Chest of Drawers

from 645.00