Morabaraba Game

Morabaraba Game


Simply yet endlessly challenging, the Moraboraba game originated in Africa centuries ago.  Similar to Noughts and Crosses, the goal is to outsmart your opponent by strategically placing pieces (or “cows”) to create lines of your own pieces across the board.  Beware of your opponent’s cows through, as they might get in the way!

We aim to have as little impact on the environment as possible and this is the inspiration behind the £9.99 collection.  Made entirely by repurposing waste materials from Lozi’s production systems, each piece from this collection is as environmentally friendly a product as you can get.   This board is entirely made from repurposed waste materials left over from Lozi’s production systems, from birch plywood for the board to solid cherry and walnut pawns.  The £9.99 collection has now been long-listed for a 2019 Dezeen award for Sustainable Product Design.


  • Each game includes:

    • 1 game board

    • 10 dark playing pieces (solid walnut)

    • 10 lighter playing pieces (solid cherry)

    • 1 plywood holder for the playing pieces

  • Board: 19 cm square, 0.5 cm thick

  • Playing pieces: 0.8cm wide and high

  • Instructions included

  • Made entirely from repurposed waste materials from our productions systems.

  • Shipping Included (UK only)



Shipping is included in the price of this item.  This item will be shipped via Royal Mail 2nd Class Post to the UK only.

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