"Soroush and his team really do care about what they are making.  It's not just ‘furniture’ but a philosophy of design and craft. Absolute pleasure dealing with them. "

Gavin, via Google Reviews


Cass, London E8

Cass was interviewed for the Lozi Journal.  Discover her full project over on our House of Lozi page or read about her experience with Lozi on the Journal

"I was impressed with how Lozi's designs were practical but also worked seamlessly in the space so as to contribute to the feeling of airiness and light. I was also really impressed with how Soroush could look at a space and see instinctively what it needed; how he worked with me to interpret my needs and turn that into something beautiful and creative. 

Soroush came around and we walked around it together, with me explaining what it was that I needed, and what I thought should go where. In some instances he disagreed with me! And then he explained why why original idea might cause a problem in the space, and suggested a new idea. So really, it was bit like having my own interior designer as well as a creator; he has a unique ability to see energy in spaces, and how to design furniture to compliment that energy, rather than hinder it. So everything is designed to work with the space, not just to be a piece on its own for the sake of its own aesthetic. 

Great to work with and I love the pieces he's made for me, especially the bed. Would really recommend."

Georgina, London TW9

Via Google Reviews

"I have been extremely happy with both the planning, process and outcome of my kitchen design. Much admired by all who see. Feels quirky and individual and has been installed with care and consideration. I can highly recommend."

Gavin, London N6

Via Google Reviews

"My experience with Lozi was fantastic. The team were incredible from the start. Sitting down and personally going through my ideas and then bringing in their expertise into the final build process. Everything was scheduled, on time and in budget. Communication was detailed and thorough. When it came to the final fitting, a great deal of care was made to get everything perfect. Soroush and his team really do care about what they are making. It’s not just ‘furniture’ but a philosophy of design and craft. Absolute pleasure dealing with the team."

Samir Shah .jpg

Samir, London

Via Google Reviews

"I ordered two bespoke wardrobe units as part of a room renovation. The build quality is excellent - in my opinion much more durable than fibreboard alternatives. Excellent service which included prompt replies to my questions, an in depth site survey, and the final installation. The owner, Soroush, installed my wardrobe personally and was able to stand by the quality of his work, which says alot. The price was also quite reasonable, which makes the overall product good value for money. Overall, really pleased with the work that was done."