A fantastic way of creating extra storage, sideboards are Lozi’s most popular furniture item. They are not only practical but also individual, bringing personality and singular style to a room.

Whether adapting an existing piece or creating a new design just for you, all of our sideboards are made to measure to perfectly fit into your space, with customisable features, finishes and design details.

Sideboards from £1,000 +VAT

Ewa, London E8

Order 417 - Ewa Turek - Shoe Storage1 WEB.jpg
Order 417 - Ewa Turek - Shoe Storage12 WEB.jpg

Ewa’s pair of mini sideboards also double as elegant shoe storage, creating a beautiful entranceway to her home. The slanted shelves can be adapted to fit a variety of shoe heights, giving her essential flexibility.

Order 417 - Ewa Turek - Shoe Storage16 WEB.jpg
Order 417 - Ewa Turek - Shoe Storage4 WEB.jpg
Order 417 - Ewa Turek - Shoe Storage15 WEB.jpg

Buller & Rice, London N16

This luxurious walnut and birch plywood sideboard was especially designed for the sustainable hair salon Buller & Rice in Stoke Newington to store their ethical hair care products. Two of Lozi’s signature design features, the smooth curved corners and seamless veneer patterns, combine to create a distinctive and effortlessly luxurious dark wood design.

Art Form, London NW1

HCD sideboard 1 WEB-min.jpg

Created as extra office storage for property developers ArtForm, this elegant sideboard is a reflection of their own modern and minimal design style. Seamless maple veneer flows across the four doors and a pale grey laminate surface ensures protects the piece from any coffee spillage. Inside, shelves have been carefully positioned to accommodate ArtForm’s unsightly ring-binders full of essential paperwork.

HCD sideboard 9 WEB-min.jpg
HCD sideboard 6 WEB-min.jpg
HCD sideboard 5 WEB-min.jpg


Jonathan, London SW11

Order 376 Green sideboard2 WEB-min.jpg

An elegant and practical design, this oak veneered sideboard is full of hidden design features specifically created for Jonathan. Featuring our signature wave jointing, it has four sliding doors than can be easily removed and are interchangeable. Inside, a variety of shelves are set up to hold Jonathan’s TV and gaming equipment, with hidden holes for wiring and access to plug sockets.

Order 376 Green sideboard8 WEB-min.jpg
Order 376 Green sideboard6 WEB-min.jpg
Order 376 Green sideboard5 WEB-min.jpg


Stephen, London E8

Steven Teasdale 2 WEB-min.jpg

Stephen’s light and airy wall mounted sideboard is a perfect combination of practical storage and discreet design. Nestled under a bespoke wall mounted shelf designed especially to showcase his boxing gloves, this birch ply and white laminate piece blends seamlessly into the minimal room.

Stephen, via Google Reviews

“The team immediately understood what the design I wanted and added their own flare to make what is a unique display for my living room. I would highly recommend their services.”

Steven Teasdale 10 WEB-min.jpg
Steven Teasdale 9 WEB-min.jpg


Haritini, London N16

Orange wheel side board full RT WEB-min.jpg

This modern sideboard was Lozi’s first exploration into corrugating plywood to created a 3D stripe effect on the doors. Three sliding doors, ample storage space and chunky wheels make this a clean and effortlessly practical sideboard. The orange highlight on the wheels adds a touch of fun colour to the piece without overwhelming it.


Olly & James, London EC2A

Order 192 - Ollie James side board 3 WEB-min.jpg

Olly and James wanted an elegant and practical item as a centre piece for the living space in their open plan shoreditch flat. Lozi created this luxurious sideboard finished in white laminate and seamless oak veneer, with a detachable bookshelf for extra open plan storage. Designed to adapt to their future homes (as well as get through narrow corridors when they move!), this piece divides into four sections that can be easily recombined to fit any space.

Order 192 - Ollie James side board 7 WEB-min.jpg
Order 192 - Ollie James side board 1 WEB-min.jpg


How to order:

A summary of our order process can be seen in the graph below.  A detailled breakdown of each step can be found on the Design Process page of our website.  After you have agreed a quote, we will supply you with a 3D computer assited drawing of our design to help you visualise the final outcome.  You can see an example above. 

Currently each of our bespoke projects are entirely custom designs.  We therefore can only offer guide prices per project on our website.  Pricing for your bespoke project will depend on the size of your space, the complexity of the project and the finishes and materials used.  


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