A Lozi kitchen will be the heart of any home! 

All our kitchens are bespoke designs tailored to fit your needs.  From unique storage solutions or clever layouts through to the choice of materials and colours, a Lozi kitchen adapts to your space and your taste.  Our bespoke kitchens can either be based around one of our existing designs or individually created just for you.

Your project will be assigned to one of our trained designer-makers who will be in charge of it from start to finish, all overseen by our founder Soroush.   Our makers will help advise you and create a space perfectly adapted to your needs.   Once the deposit has been paid, you will be supplied with a computer model to help you visualise the final outcome, with a breakdown of costs and with detailed lead and delivery estimates so you can stay in control of your budget and your time.  

You can find out more about our design process and how to order on our Design Process page

Ilaria, London E7

Jessica, London E5

Valetta Road,

London W3

Anna & Kirsty, Brighton

Vicky & Andrew, London E17

Sarah & Peter , London E9

Georgina, London TW9

Fabienne, London E8

Paul & Ella, London N16

Bespoke Kitchen Storage

Bespoke Kitchen Furniture

How to order:

A summary of our order process can be seen in the graph below.  A detailed breakdown of each step can be found on the Design Process page of our website.  After you have agreed a quote, we will supply you with a 3D computer assisted drawing of our design to help you visualise the final outcome.  You can see an example above. 

Currently each of our bespoke projects are entirely custom designs.  We therefore can only offer guide prices per project on our website.  Pricing for your bespoke project will depend on the size of your space, the complexity of the project and the finishes and materials used.  

Get in touch at info@lozidesigns.com to discuss your own project!


Have your own project in mind?  Get in touch and Lozi will help make it a reality!

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