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Storage is perfect for making the most of those small spaces dotted around the home. From fireplace alcoves to under-stairs storage compartments, each design is made to measure to ensure that not an inch of space goes unused and that your design is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Alcove storage from £2,000 +VAT 


George & Grace, London N16

George and Grace's plywood alcove storage solutions by Lozi

George and Grace’s elegant modern living room needed clean minimal storage solutions for each alcove. A set of wall mounted shelving and plywood sideboards give them ample storage space and is discreet enough to sit perfectly with the style of their home, all finished in a light maple veneer with striped groove details.

George and Grace's living plywood alcove storage by Lozi
A close up of plywood shelving joint for living alcove storage by Lozi
George and Grace's living room plywood sideboard storage by Lozi
George and Grace's living room plywood alcove storage by Lozi


Ilaria, London E7

Ilaria’s three sets of floor to ceiling bookshelves accommodate her ample book collection and even hide a neatly folding craft table and peg board to help her stay organised and enjoy her sewing.

These extra tall bookshelves have been fastened to the wall for extra security. To see the other work Lozi did in Ilaria’s house, head over to her House of Lozi page.

Ilaria - bookshelf 7 WEB-min.jpg
Ilaria - bookshelf 5 WEB-min.jpg
Ilaria - bookshelf 4 WEB-min.jpg


Cass, London E2


Designed for our wonderful client Cass, a writer and editor who wanted to update her bright and spacious two bedroom flat before moving in, Lozi transformed this flat into a modern and personal home.  Nestled on a leafy street in a conservation area near Dalston in East London, this project blends our signature minimal aesthetic with the home's original victorian features, working with some existing fixtures and furnishings to brighten and update the space. 

Lozi created these minimal set in birch plywood alcove cabinets to provide a large space to store and display her favourite books, with extra hidden space to hide all those unattractive but essential household fixtures (Printer, internet router etc).  Several other shelving systems , bathroom storage and wardrobes were created for this house. 

Cass, Via Google reviews

"Soroush made some of the furniture in my new flat - he helped me through all the design process and really listened to what I wanted! Great to work with and omg I love the pieces he's made for me, especially the bed. Would really recommend."


Vicky, London E17

Oder 299 Vicky Duff 2 WEB-min.jpg

As part of a large House of Lozi project, Vicky was looking for a neat design to fit in this large alcove in her living room. Four cupboards hide away unsightly objects whilst open plan bookshelves proudly display her favourite novels. Made from birch plywood and oak dowels, this storage was finished in white laminate to blend with the rest of the room.

Vicky, Via Google Reviews

“Working with Lozi was a joy from start to end. They designed a number of bespoke pieces for us and the whole process was smooth and professional. They listed to our individual design needs and changed and tailored the design as the concept evolved, adding clever little touches which really made a difference to the look of the finished items. The finished pieces are wonderfully made and of the highest quality. Delivery and installation was hassle free. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Oder 299 Vicky Duff 10 WEB-min.jpg
Oder 299 Vicky Duff 11 WEB-min.jpg
Steven Teasdale 12 WEB-min.jpg

Ben, London E11

Ben open room divider3 WEB-min.jpg
Ben open room divider4-min.jpg

Ben wanted to create a home office within his living room without dominating the space, cutting off the room or stopping the light coming in from the large doors to the garden.  Lozi created this neat and airy room divider that doubles as a workstation and a bookshelf from two L shaped storage systems.  A compact desk peaks out form the wall on the right hand side whilst a large cupboard not he left allows Ben to storage files and computer equipment without it being on display.

Ben open room divider10 WEB-min.jpg
Ben open room divider5-min.jpg
Ben open room divider6-min.jpg


Nick, London SW14

Nick needed a modern and masculine design to fit into his living room alcove. This tall and narrow piece combines tall lower cupboards with sliding doors and open plan bookshelves. The corrugated plywood doors ties the whole piece together whilst the different shades of grey paint modernise the look.


Rupinder, London N21

RUpinder storage1-min.jpg
RUpinder storage3-min.jpg

Rupinder needed some practical storage to fit under his apex roof, making the most of the slanted ceiling and alcove space. Large wardrobe spaces below support a checkerboard of cupboards, providing ample storage whilst making the best use of the room. A bespoke matching bedside table and Lozi’s curved bed frame combine to create an elegant loft bedroom.


And of course the Wave Shelving can be customised to fit your alcove space.


How to order:

A summary of our order process can be seen in the graph below.  A detailed breakdown of each step can be found on the Design Process page of our website.  After you have agreed a quote, we will supply you with a 3D computer assisted drawing of our design to help you visualise the final outcome.

Currently each of our bespoke projects are entirely custom designs.  We therefore can only offer guide prices per project on our website.  Pricing for your bespoke project will depend on the size of your space, the complexity of the project and the finishes and materials used.  

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